Information: school year 2020/21

The luxury of safe face-to-face classes.

At On Campus we are preparing everything for this school year.

The quality of English teaching is our priority, and also this year, we aim for you to come to our school with the confidence that we are taking the maximum safety precautions.

To make our classes safe, we will take measures such as:

  • Following environmental quality recommendations, alternating classes in two classrooms so that they can be properly ventilated and cleaned.
  • The distribution of the classroom is designed with a maximum of 8 students with spaces greater than 1.5 meters between them.
  • Compulsory use of face masks and gels.
  • Individual temperature checks.
  • Reducing the duration of each class hour to 55 or 50 minutes for cleaning and ventilation, avoiding as much as possible airborne transmission in closed spaces.
  • In case of quarantine, state of alarm, or ‘force majeure’, face-to-face classes will be replaced by online classes.

At On Campus we adapt to your needs, and we will organise online and face-to-face classes according to your demand.